How It Works... From 10am to 12 noon every Monday thru Friday, tune in while we try to give away $73 cash for a regular game of Bingo. Starting at 10:10 each weekday, a ball will be drawn after every song until someone bingos, or until 12pm, whichever comes first. If no one bingos by noon, the game will end and a new game will start the next business day. You can request a free bingo card so you can play at home!

When It Starts... Monday - Friday at 10am to 12pm on dial position AM 73

Delores Bernat, St. Charles
Fern Gelven, Warrenton
Lavada Anthony, Winfield
Robert Bakker, Warrenton
Erma Kempmeyer, Jonesburg
Samantha Bunkoske, Moscow Mills
Fay Littrel, Jonesburg
Beverly Peek, Troy
Dave Mennemeyer, Troy
Sandra Molina, Warrenton
Marsha Gladden, Warrenton
Kim Bender, Montgomery City
Gary Lauderdale, Warrenton
Kenny Rodriguez, Wright City
Maureen Patton, New Hartford
William Wright, New Florence
Christopher Clark Sr, Alton, IL
Glennon Fuest, St. Charles
Donna Burns, West Alton, MO
Yvetta Jones, Warrenton
Keith Lewis, Troy
Gary Siebert, Marthasville
Ronald Carver, Warrenton
Marion Gerloff, Rosebud
Donna Reed, Jonesburg
Inez Trump, Wright City
Pat O'Brien, Defiance
Kylie Rohe, Marthasville
Gerald Fox, Troy
Charles Wing, Troy
Evelyn Scott, Jonesburg
Dennis Drusch, Leslie
Whitney Dominguez, Collinsville, IL
Viola Walterman, Wright City
Barbara King, Stoutsville
Marilyn Stoverink, O'Fallon
Janice Adams, Warrenton
Lori Skaggs, Cassleberry, FL
James Schieffer, Troy
Barbara Certo, Moscow Mills
Pauline Naughton, High Hill
Joann Griffith, O'Fallon
Christopher Clark Sr, Alton, IL  (again!)
Barbara Leach, Jonesburg
Carolyn Goggin, Troy
Carrie Horst, Troy
Carolyn Dixon, Wright City
Janice Adams, Warrenton
Harold Carlson, Wentzville
Judi LeRoy, Hermann
Betty Choate, Middletown
Sharon Barton, St. Charles
Gail Bonnarens, Washington
Vernon Tipp, Warrenton
Judy Bayer, Warrenton
Mary Klein, Silex
John Wells, Jonesburg
Josephine Dunakey, Wright City
Kim Eggering, Troy
Kathy Hitchcock, Warrenton
Gerald Ell, O'Fallon
Kristine Elliott, Union
Kyle Costa, Wentzville
Shirley Meyer, Montgomery City
Brent Allmon, Winfield
Myra Ruediger, Berger
Paulette Steward, St. Louis
Jason Dale, Cottage Hills, IL
Vera White, Troy

A big thank you to our Bingo sponsors who help make this game possible!

    Family Pharmacy, Montgomery City
  Pitman Funeral Homes
   Garden View Care Center, O'Fallon
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