How It Works... From 10am to 12 noon every Monday thru Friday, tune in while we try to give away $73 cash for a regular game of Bingo. Starting at 10:10 each weekday, a ball will be drawn after every song until someone bingos, or until 12pm, whichever comes first. If no one bingos by noon, the game will end and a new game will start the next business day. You can request a free bingo card so you can play at home!

When It Starts... Monday - Friday at 10am to 12pm on dial position AM 73

Gail Bonnarens, Washington
Joanie Moore, Wright City
Lori Clark, Alton, IL
Melissa Joyce, Marthasville
Mary Grellner, Wentzville
Carolyn Goggin, Troy
Barb Brice, Marthasville
Mabel henderson, Fenton
Kris Niederholtmeyer, Washington
Marshall McCane, Alton, IL
Judy Mrozowicz, St. Charles
Denise Hoffmeyer, O'Fallon
Mary Ann Rhodes, Lake St. Louis
Ray Hull, Farber
Terri Clifford, Granite City, IL
Helen Justin, Troy
Margaret Burns, West Alton
Alvin Pettig, Warrenton
Tom Hodge, Warrenton
Gina Edwards, Foley
Paige Staten, Montgomery City
Carol Matlock, Wentzville
Kevin Skaggs, Cassleberry, Florida (listening online!)
Emmett Brakensiek, Wright City
Tammy McCane, Alton, IL
Mary Kappauff, Old Monroe
Skip McLaren, O'Fallon
Laura Mudd, Silex
Willard Leverett, Middletown
Evelyn Scott, Jonesburg
Amanda Laughman, St. Charles
Judy Stege, Wentzville
Dorothy Kuntz, Eolia
Linda Onger, Jonesburg
Tammy Fangers, St. Clair
Scott Jameson, O'Fallon
Sue Eads, Marthasville
Mel Meyer, Troy
Martha Creason, Florissant
Steve Thomas, Jonesburg
Anna Mae Pettig, Warrenton
Paul Spalding, Warrenton
Nola Pfuhl, Wright City
Beverly Fowler, Troy
Mike Tiepelman, Jonesburg
Mary Colbert, Troy
Floyd Dowell, Bowling Green
Vicky Boyd, O'Fallon
Steven Killmade, Marthasville
Bernard Ringling, Sr., Warrenton
Sam Mee, Warrenton
Jessica McCane, Alton, IL
Paul Malone, Troy
Dan Schulzey, St. Charles
Judy Ruppert, Troy
Gloria McLaren, Lake St. Louis
Sally Rieger, Jonesburg
Ruth Goodman, New Haven
Delbert Gaedike, Moscow Mills
PattyBurton, Troy
Richard Cook, High Hill
Herman Ruppert Jr., Troy
Latasha Mathis, Silex
Roger Leesmann, Marthasville
Rita Reeves, Louisiana
Alice Ketchum, Granite City, IL
Jim Gaddy, Wright City
Kim LaBarge, St. Charles
Fory Vinson, Wentzville
Barb Mennemeyer, Troy

A big thank you to our Bingo sponsors who help make this game possible!

    Family Pharmacy, Montgomery City
  Pitman Funeral Homes
   Garden View Care Center, O'Fallon
FMB Bank, Wright City
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