How It Works... From 10am to 12 noon every Monday thru Friday, tune in while we try to give away $73 cash for a regular game of Bingo. Starting at 10:10 each weekday, a ball will be drawn after every song until someone bingos, or until 12pm, whichever comes first. If no one bingos by noon, the game will end and a new game will start the next business day. You can request a free bingo card so you can play at home!

When It Starts... Monday - Friday at 10am to 12pm on dial position AM 73

Debbie Andrews, Hawk Point
Sarah Klos, Lake Sherwood
Beth Tibbs,  Warrenton
Sam Urfer, Moscow Mills
Norma McCane, Alton, IL
Rick Chatfield, Marthasville
Vernon Eusterbrock, Warrenton
Karen Stufflebean, Warrenton
Karlie Mathews, Alton, IL
Kevin Kost, Warrenton
Steven McMullin, Hawk Point
Hester Seabaugh, St. Peters
Karen Gaedike, Moscow Mills
Mandy Randleman, St. Ann
Helen Fine, Florissant
Denise Hoffmeyer, O'Fallon
Judy Mrozowicz, St. Charles
Diana Luechtefeld, Washington
Etta Sherman, Troy
Melvonde Jones, Wright City
Patty Burton, Troy
Judy Ruppert, Troy
Peggy Hunt, Warrenton
Mary Tebeau, Ferguson
Ed Diepenbrock, Marthasville
Loyce Reese, Jonesburg
Aimee Miller, St. Louis
Mary Richardson, St. Louis
Vincent Biermann, St. Peters
Ted Strauss, St. Charles
Martin Orf, Wentzville
Shirley Tebeau, Florissant
Brenda Janish, Beaufort
Betty Rohmann, Troy
Judy Amschler, Foristell
Mary Klein, Silex
Castrenrio Turdo, Florissant
Gloria Leverett, Middletown
Alvin Pettig, Warrenton
Pat Thomas, Jonesburg
Rose Mandina, Jonesburg
Steven Killmade, Marthasville
Jerry "Audrey" Cullom, Warrenton
Dorothy Kuntz, Eolia
Paul (Ted) Daleen, Marshall
Teresa Polston, Warrenton
Dot Lohman, Wentzville
Katherine Dyer, Jonesburg
Mary Seeburger, St. Charles
Barbara Certo, Moscow Mills
Sharon Smith, Leslie
Rita Thornhill, St. Peters
Brenda Strobl, Hawk Point
Norma McCane, Alton, IL (again!)
Mary McCoy, Troy
Jeff Adkins, Wright City
Trinna Glass, Wentzville
Mary Clark, Alton, IL
Amy Risinger, O'Fallon, IL
Dorothy Dale, College Hills, IL
Joseph Hannon, Wellsville
Jacob Floyd, St. Charles
Ted Strauss, St. Charles (again!)
Charlie Raines, Wellsville
Glenda Benson, Warrenton
Ternobia Horton, Wentzville
Donald Amschler, Foristell
Allen Brandt, St. Charles
Clara Vinson, Wentzville
Rick Chatfield, Marthasville
Nancy Lane, Warrenton
Calvin Creech, Troy
George Frost, O'Fallon
Holly White, Lake St. Louis
Frances Shramek, Bellflower
Doris Groeber, Warrenton
Mary Brooks, St. Peters
Charles Driemeyer, Marthasville
Susan O'Brien, Defiance
Kate Bauer, St. Paul
Judy Knipmeyer, Bowling Green
Lisa Weber, Old Monroe
Susan O'Brien, Defiance (again!)
Patricia Koch, Moscow Mills
Joe Johnson, East Alton, IL
Lisa Davenport, Bethalto, IL
Patti Mueller, Silex
Carmelita Gregory, Wentzville
Vicky Boyd, O'Fallon


A big thank you to our Bingo sponsors who help make this game possible!

    Family Pharmacy, Montgomery City
  Pitman Funeral Homes
   Garden View Care Center, O'Fallon
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