How It Works... From 10am to 12 noon every Monday thru Friday, tune in while we try to give away $73 cash for a regular game of Bingo. Starting at 10:10 each weekday, a ball will be drawn after every song until someone bingos, or until 12pm, whichever comes first. If no one bingos by noon, the game will end and a new game will start the next business day. You can request a free bingo card so you can play at home!

When It Starts... Monday - Friday at 10am to 12pm on dial position AM 73

Robin Garrett, Jonesburg
Pam Buzzetta, St. Peters
Dennis Sahm, Washington
Mary Wommack, Silex
Loretta Loeffler, St. Charles
Chelsea Stille, Bellflower
Kelly Dunn, Old Monroe
Grace Jungermann, Moscow Mills
Gene Cravens, Troy
Tim Meeks, Bethalto, IL
Helen Ockerhausen, Jonesburg
Elaine Burns, Troy
Darlene Parr, Wentzville
Carol Burlingame, Granite City, IL
Donna Kohne, Washington
Debbie Jagger, Moscow Mills
Mike Minor, Wright City
Heidi Clark, Bethalto, IL
David Amrein, Montgomery City
Carolyn Goggin, Troy
Carrie Horst, Troy
Delores Bernat, St. Charles
Danny Evetts, Wright City
Tim Meeks, Bethalto, IL  (again!)
William "Glendale" Wright, New Florence
Caroline Reeves, Bellflower
Darlene Driemeyer, Marthasville
Wanda Fuerst, O'Fallon
Ralph Hunter, Wentzville
Steven Killmade, St. Peters
Johnnie Ruppert, Troy
Nora Vance, Wright City
Bertie Jones, Wright City
Aimee Miller, St. Louis
Maureen Patton, New Hartford
Loretta McCrome, Montgomery City
Betty Molitor, Marthasville
Erin Smith, Warrenton
Barbara Eckler, Middletown
Greg Alexander, Marthasville
John Polston, Warrenton
Helen Cook, Fairview Heights, IL
Joe Scarpinatto, St. Peters
Jean Rabbitt, Warrenton
Gladys Barbee, Jonesburg
William Nolle, Bellflower
Rachelle McMullin, Troy
Brenda Thrasher, Warrenton
Steven McMullin, Hawk Point
Karen Schroeder, St. Charles
Tammy Eady, Mexico, MO
Marion Strunk, Troy
Ginny Mischlispy, Warrenton
Kathy Lawrence, St. Charles
Pearl Rutledge, High Hill
Mary McCoy, Troy
Darlene Parr, Wentzville (again!)
Gary Lauderdale, Warrenton
George Frost, O'Fallon
Larry McCoy, Troy
Donna Enloe, St. Peters
Shyane Miller, Union
Vickie Norris, Alton, IL
Judi LeRoy, Hermann
Joyce Schwab, Wentzville
Randy Fraser, New Florence
Rita LaBarge, St. Charles
Irene Brooks, Bellflower

A big thank you to our Bingo sponsors who help make this game possible!

    Family Pharmacy, Montgomery City
  Pitman Funeral Homes
   Garden View Care Center, O'Fallon
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